Dezzerek is one of the planets found in Universal Rule. Not much is known about Dezzerek at the moment.

 Universal Rule Planet Abilities Edit

Basic (Exclusive)

Cost 4
Military 5
Income 2
Text You cannot colonize a planet costing the same as a planet you own.
Notes This is not retroactive. For example, if you have another planet that costs 4 already in play, you can still colonize Exclusive.
Upgraded (Upgrade Victor (nee Harbinger))
VP 2
Cost 6
Military 6
Income 3
Text If most of your planets are upgraded, +2 VP
Notes For example, if you have 4 planets, at least 3 have to be upgraded to get the bonus VP.

Development Notes

1/8/2016 - There were initially two separate planets. On January 8th, I combined Exclusive 3 (Can’t colonize other planets that cost 3) and 4 into a single Exclusive planet..

7/11/2016 Exclusive planet: This is kind of unpopular. If you have only the exclusive planet in play, and only cards that cost 4 (or more) in your hand, you’re stuck. You can’t play any cheap planets, and you can’t afford any upgraded planets. I accidentally made this problem worse when I reduced two 5-cost planets (which previously didn’t conflict with the Exclusive planet) to cost 4. To fix, the Exclusive planet should be cheap to upgrade.

7/26/2016 Harbinger is too strong. Maybe +3VP if all your planets are upgraded.

7/25/2016 Insta-win Replacements

Harbinger: Each other upgraded planet is worth +2 VP

7/11/2016 No 5-cost planets (upgraded or basic). Specifically, Geth’s Tome, Harbinger, and Large Moneymaker now cost 6 instead of 5. We’re not banning 5 as a cost entirely, we’ll use it if we have to, but our preference will be to avoid it.


Clarification on Upgrade Victor: “most” means more than half. If you have 1 upgraded planet and 1 basic planet, you don’t get the bonus.