Note: the Offensive Edge card was originally called the Universal Rule (UR) card.

7/27 Generally, players thought the UR card was “too swingy”. They thought 6 points changing hands late in the game was too much. They suggested half as many points would be better.

7/22 - at one point the UR card increased in VP each round. That meant it could double as a round tracker.

UR starts with a coin?

It felt odd for the UR card to start with a coin on it (for the first round). Maybe it should track how many rounds have been completed? Then it’ll have a max value of 6 VP, which feels about right (for seven rounds), speaking of which…


  • Universal Rule card, which belongs to the person who contributed the most to the last successful attack. It’s value is equal to the number of rounds. Max 7.

Note: this doubles as a round counter. 7/20 - start of UR card (from Jason)

Destruction (Longest Road) card

One thought was that the first player to destroy / reduce a planet gets you the destruction card. The destruction card just shows that you get the bonus stars and you are the current world power. At any point someone else can destroy / reduce and they get the card. You can destroy more to knock down opponents too.

Now you are personally invested in all battles if you are holding it (it should be a good number of stars, and will need to somehow escalate with the game).

We can maybe stack coins on top of it to show progress.

With a point scale based on how many were destroyed / upgraded