(1/26) Getting a credit for not following works really well. There were still a few times when players were at their credit cap, so they didn’t get any benefit from not following. but that’s pretty rare.

7/22 For some players, the decision to follow or not is trivial (perhaps they can’t afford to follow). For others, it’s an important game decision - which planet should I upgrade? What do they all do again? Waiting for other players to agonize over a decision before you can take the action that you’ve already figured out is a bit painful.

But, if one of the followers upgrades to a Major Thug and steals money from everyone, that can impact whether subsequent players can also afford to upgrade. So, the order is important (unless we’re going to avoid effects like this, but I think that cuts off a lot of design space).

7/9 Set a single follow cost for all players each turn. The range is minimum 1, maximum = your current number of planets. While I like the politics of setting a separate follow cost for each opponent, it’s fiddly and slows the game down, and ultimately doesn’t make too much of a difference.