(1/ 8 ) If you have no planets and no credits, you should be able to produce to “get you back into the game”. Just getting 1 credit when producing (without any planets) isn’t enough. I’d like to try generating 2 credits when producing without any planets.

Logically, however, I don’t want to decrease your income when you get planets into play. There may be some interesting exceptions, but for most planets, the income has to be at least +2.

(1/7) Produce = sum of planet income (or 1 if no planets - probably should be 2 or 3)

10/11 It’s not clear that you can follow a produce action even if you have no credits on hand. To make this more clear, I think the rule should be “If you’re going to follow, do the action first, then pay the follow the cost.” But that’s a little counter intuitive (like paying at the end of a meal).