Sautera is one of the planets found in Universal Rule. Not much is known about Sautera at the moment.

 Universal Rule Planet Abilities Edit

Basic (Evil Plankton)

Cost 3
Military 2
Income 3
Text When your turn starts, steal 2 credits from an opponent.
Notes If you forget to steal from an opponent before selecting your action, it’s too late.

If an opponent has only 1 credit, you can steal that credit from them (you do not get a second credit).

If the stolen credits puts you over your credit limit, your opponent still loses the credits, but you do not get them.

Upgraded (Gorilla)
VP 3
Cost 8
Military 10
Income 1
Text When colonized/upgraded to, lose all your credits.

Development Notes

Evil Plankton evolved from a planet initially called Plankton. I remembered reading an article years ago about multiplayer Magic strategies. Each strategy was named after a specific animal. The Plankton player gives something to all of their opponents, hoping that their usefulness will prevent others from attacking them. The upgraded version of this planet (Gorilla) is another planet inspired by Magic multiplayer strategies.

1/8/2016 Changed Plankton - you choose the opponent to benefit, instead of benefiting all players. Could help with negotiations.

2/16 At TotalCon in Feburary, Emerson (designer of Spectre Ops, and Century (nee Caravan), among others) pointed out that just reading the text of Plankton (give each opponent 2 credits each turn) didn’t make him enthusiastic about playing it.So, that was how the Evil version, which stole from an opponent instead, came to be.

2/9 Plankton - the decision of who to give money to is usually a no-brainer - give it to the player who’s maxxed out (there’s usually at least one to choose from). This is boring, and doesn’t actually affect the game state. Not sure how to fix it.

Artist’s Note

What if there were a planet with hundreds of continents, divided by lava instead of water? This was one of the first planets I created.