Rule the World

Twin Stars: Rule the World featuring Yanfred Jima and Saaze

Scenario #3 in the Twin Stars solo series. Twin Stars: Rule the World was originally offered as a stretch goal to backers of the Universal Rule Kickstarter.

Story Edit

Liberation Forces are decimated, paving the way for control of the galaxy's Inner Ring. “But you promised me a real fight."

Suddenly, the comm crackles to life, "Commander! Liberation reinforcements are dropping out of hyperspace!"

"Ah, your playmates have arrived... Now off with you, I'll bring the weapon online."

Gameplay Edit

In Twin Stars: Rule the World, your plan for world domination is quickly falling apart as the liberation forces have banded together to stop you! You must eliminate all starfighters to win. If you run out of health, you lose.

Characters Edit

Twin Stars: Rule the World features the Pocket Universe characters Yanfred Jima and Saaze.

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