Uagan Prime

One of the triplet (or clone) planets - Uagan Prime is found in Universal Rule (as Uagan-3). Not much is known about Uagan Prime at the moment.

 Universal Rule Planet Abilities Edit

Basic (Jealous Triplet)

Cost 3
Military 3
Income 3
Text No one else can colonize a basic planet named Uagan.
Notes Opponents can colonize upgraded versions of Uagan.

Upgraded (Charismatic)

VP 3
Cost 8
Military 5
Income 4
Text When attacked, selected player must defend you.
Notes You cannot select the attacker.

Selected player is not obligated to commit any cards or coins to the battle.

Development Notes

8/2/2016 Is Charismatic too good in a three player game?

See additional Development Notes under Uagan_Terminal