Wovis is one of the planets found in Universal Rule expansion Edge of War. Not much is known about Wovis at the moment.

 Universal Rule Planet Abilities Edit

Basic (Restart)

Cost 2
Military 3
Income 3
Text When colonized, downgrade all of your other planets.
Upgraded (Instigator)
VP 3
Cost 7
Military 4
Income 2
Text When a player attacks, you may pay them 4 credits to choose a new target planet.
Notes The new target planet may belong to a different player than the original target. It cannot belong to the attacking player.

You must choose a different planet from the current target.

You must have at least 4 credits to use this ability.

If there are no legal targets, you cannot use this ability.

Development Notes

1/8/2016 Cut basic planets: Cheap, Angry Barren Void, Restart

10/11 Instigator produces less income than its basic version. We should probably change it so

that it’s at least equal. (This was not changed)

Also, Instigator should have a higher cost for its ability. Maybe 4 credits, so opponents might have a chance to attack when you have fewer than 4 credits.


So, Declaration is the first step of an attack.

You declare, pay any associated costs, and then wait for the Instigator player to indicate if they will use their ability or not.

If not, you move on to committing cards.

If they do, then there is a new declaration step, with associated costs, etc.