Yer-Froom is a planet found in Universal Rule. The Blakga are one of the species that lives on Yer-Froom.

Known Blakga: Bood

 Universal Rule Planet Abilities Edit

Basic (Cheap)

Cost 1
Military 2
Income 1
Text When you colonize this, draw a card.
Notes Drawing a card is not the same as exploring. If you have Farsight, you cannot look at two and keep one. It does not trigger an opponent’s Explore Glommer.

If there are no cards available, nothing happens.

If you are at the hand limit (3), you do not draw a card.

Upgraded (Attack Taxer)

VP 2
Cost 8
Military 5
Income 3
Text Opponents must pay you 2 credits to attack you.
Notes If the attacker does not have 2 credits, they cannot attack you.

The two credits are paid once per turn (not per game). This applies even if the target planet was changed (e.g. by upgraded Wovis - Instigator).

If you are at your credit limit, discard excess credits. The attacker still loses 2 credits.

Development Notes

1/8/2016 Attack Glommer - players don't tend to attack early on. Changed to Attack Taxer - Opponents must pay you 2 credits to attack you. Could be useful later game.

There used to be a planet called “Turtle” - removed. Completely eliminating an opponent's choice of action is too restrictive. Attack Taxer already has this space.

Promoting these Basic cards to Upgraded cards: Blind Trap, Attack Taxer, Golden Planet

Cut basic planets: Cheap, Angry Barren Void, Restart

8/3/2016 Whoops! One too far. I need one basic planet. Let’s re-instate Cheap.